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CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire!


Can’t wait for Jelly Bean on your rooted Kindle Fire?

It’s here already! You can install a fully-working CM10 Jelly Bean ROM on your rooted Kindle Fire. Everything pretty much works so you can be rest-assured to get your hands on some candy early.

This isn’t the final build or a stable though so be aware that you are flashing a “beta” version of Jelly Bean ROM. You may find some bugs still even though I haven’t found any.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!


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Energy CM9 ICS ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [SUPER FAST]


With a ton of new ICS ROMs like this Energy CM9 ICS ROM, it makes the Kindle Fire the best ICS tablet your money can buy right now at this moment. The Energy CM9 ICS ROM is another great ICS ROM that can be overclocked to 1.2Ghz, and I notice a “super fast” lag-free experience on this ROM.

Give this ICS ROM a go and let me know how fast it is!

Download ROM: Download Energy CM9 ICS ROM


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CM9 Reloaded ICS ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire!


Here’s another great ICS ROM (with everything working) you can try on your rooted Kindle Fire, CM9 Reloaded ICS ROM!

This CM9 Reloaded ICS ROM features latest Android 4.0.4, 1.2Ghz overclocking, Apex/Trebuchet launchers, better battery life, and much more.

Give it a go and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM: Download CM9 Reloaded ICS ROM Credits –

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ROM development for Kindle Fire has been a bit slow in the past but the good news is that now rooted Kindle Fire users can take full advantage over fully-stable ICS ROMs like AOKP ICS ROM.

I’ve used AOKP ICS ROM on many other Android devices and I have to say it’s one of the best ROMs for your Kindle Fire right now.

Not only that, this is AOKP Milestone 5, which means it’s fully stable, with everything working including sound, video decoding, and a whole lot more.

If you are still using Kindle OS, you are definitely missing out, give th

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Modaco ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [Google Market]


For those of you who want Google Market and also keep your Kindle OS 6.2.1 intact, I suggest to give the Modaco ROM a try.

The Modaco ROM is based off Kindle OS 6.2.1 with optimizations to make your Kindle Fire much faster.  It also comes with Google Market so you won’t have to bother with command line commands to install it manually.

Lastly, Amazon Prime videos are still broken with this ROM (or on any rooted Kindle Fire) but we should have a solution to this soon.

Download ROM:

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ICS ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [Kindle Zone ROM]


Want to try what’s coming to rooted Kindle Fire users in the near future?  Actually, it’s already here, an experimental ICS ROM for rooted Kindle Fire, the Kindle Zone ROM.

This ICS ROM is fully functional except camera and sound not working.

Even if you are not going to use this ROM as your daily driver, you can go ahead and try the ICS ROM then revert back to your rooted stock ROM using TWRP recovery.

ICS ROM on the rooted Kindle Fire looks good so far though, everything runs very smooth and the dual-core 1Ghz processor on the Kindle Fire is equip

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How to Install ROM on Rooted Kindle Fire!


So, you want to install a new ROM on your newly rooted Kindle Fire and de-virginize it?

Well, it’s pretty easy to do.  But before we begin, make sure you’ve make a backup of your rooted stock ROM.

Step 1. Download the ROM zip file you want to install and copy over to the internal storage of your Kindle Fire.

Then power off your Kindle Fire and reboot into TWRP Recovery by holding down Power button until it turns orange.


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How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted Kindle Fire!


So you want to try out ICS ROM on your rooted Kindle Fire or any other ROMs?

Well, before you go ahead and install new ROMs or mess with anything else, a good idea is to backup your current rooted stock ROM (stock ROM is the ROM Kindle Fire comes with plus you rooted it).   Just in case something goes wrong during installation of another ROM, you can always “restore” your rooted stock ROM which will restore pretty much everything including your apps, settings, and whatnot.

So, if you’ve rooted your Kindle Fire, just make a backup of your ROM!

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How to Unroot/Unbrick Rooted Kindle Fire!


So, you’ve screwed up your Kindle Fire while rooting or installing a new ROM?

No worries, you can unroot/unbrick your rooted Kindle Fire back to completely stock using this method.

First, I assume you’ve installed TWRP recovery.

Step 1. Re-boot your rooted Kindle Fire and press Power button when you see the fire logo as shown below to enter TWRP recovery.

Step 2. Once in TWRP recovery, choose “Mount”.

Step 3. Choose “Mount USB Storage” and connect your micro-USB cable to your computer.  This will

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