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AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Kindle Fire! [Best ROM][Android 4.1.2]


If you want to be running on the latest Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 and have a ton of customizations over stock Jelly Bean, check out AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for your Kindle Fire. I think this is certainly the best ROM out right now for your Kindle Fire.

AOKP brings a ton of UI customizations to your Kindle Fire while also giving you a pure Google experience. You can customize many things including the lockscreen, power menu, sound, add weather/calendar widgets to lockscreen, and much more.

Beyond just that, if you want to turn your Kindle Fire into a pure Android tablet devi

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CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire!


Can’t wait for Jelly Bean on your rooted Kindle Fire?

It’s here already! You can install a fully-working CM10 Jelly Bean ROM on your rooted Kindle Fire. Everything pretty much works so you can be rest-assured to get your hands on some candy early.

This isn’t the final build or a stable though so be aware that you are flashing a “beta” version of Jelly Bean ROM. You may find some bugs still even though I haven’t found any.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!


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