Root Kindle Fire FAQ

This is Root Kindle Fire FAQ you should read before trying to do anything on your Kindle Fire.

You will need a rooted Kindle Fire before you can install custom ROMs.

Before you install custom ROMs, we highly recommend you to make a backup ROM.

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51 Responses to Root Kindle Fire FAQ

  1. Mingo Chen says:

    after i root my kindle fire , i went to change keyboard to chinese type ,and then my kindle fire now become brick.
    could u send me more message about get back and unbrickable for kindle. like as pictures. thanks a lot!!
    Mingo Chen

  2. Hi and thanks so much for your video work. As a total non-techie type I fathomed the rooting perfectly. The problem I now have is that I need you to do an UNBRICKING video :-(

    I sideloaded what would appear to be a corrupt version of GO Launcher EX which has now, after granting it priority over the “standard” launcher has now put my kindle in a constant boot-up mode.

    The existing unbricking vids are WAY too hard to fathom what to do, so is there any advice you can offer?

    Thanks, Paul.

  3. James King says:

    On Mac os Lion, Its not possible to create a Directory .android
    And the Kindle fire is only as Storage connected.

    Can you help me ?? I speak not very well English Sorry

    James King

  4. Austin says:

    Could you please make a video on how to root the Kindle Fire version 6.2.2 for Mac? I think you have to use BurritoRoot 2.


  5. steve says:

    When I use “adb root” on command line, I get “adb cannot run as root in production builds”. Brand new Fire with 6.2.2_user_3205220.
    Any ideas?

    • Norm says:

      I have the same issue. when sending the [./adb-mac root] command I receive the following…
      [adbd cannot run as root in production builds]
      Running the version.

  6. Oscar says:

    I tried to root My Kindle Fire 6.2.2. using and BurritoRoot3.apk. I can see the batch file (rootKindleFire.bat) failing to install BurritoRoot3.bin, I can’t find that file nowhere. When I run the Android Police, I have this error popup “please run/dare/local/tmp/rurrito3.bin.
    When I run superuser I got a white screen with “no log information” and “showing 0 entries”.
    What can I do?
    I will really appreciate any help, I have run the procedure several times while watching the video and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


  7. ben longo says:

    I am asking for help because my rooted fire crashed and i thought i had firefirefire installed but when the boot options menu came up none of them did anything so i shut it off and turned it back on, its been on the opening “kindle fire” screen for like a day now and i want to know if there is anything i can do to save it. I used kindlewater for Mac to root it. Please please please email me with help i would extremely appreciate it. I don’t have $200 to go buy a new one

  8. Rain says:

    i’m considering purchasing a kindle fire, but i wanted to know a few things first. i’m a complete noob when it comes to rooting and jailbreaking and i from what i’ve read, each new software update from amazon wipes the previous rooting attempt, but what about media and apps that were able to be installed because of the root? will you lose anything else aside from the admin access during updates? is there any scenario short of crashing tht you cause you to lose media? does amazon ever force a factory reset or media wipe?

  9. Angel says:

    I root my kindle fire n it stay on the kindle fire logo in the reboot mode how can I fix it help

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  13. John Tam says:

    Please give me some help.

    I have a Kindle Fire I loaded ICS_4.0_REBUILD.apk on and now it will not boot

    Upon booting it comes with a banner reads


    The application ICS 4.0 Launcher (process android.process.acore) has stopped unexpectly. Please try again.

    Force Close

    And when you click Force Close it just comes up with the same message no matter how many times you Force Close.

    Please tell me how can I get My Kindle Fire to boot back up?

    Thank You

    • levi says:

      1 turn kindle off
      2 plug up to computer
      3 go to ur kindle on computer
      4 go to downloads folder
      5 find ics.all
      6 delete
      7 reboot kindle
      8 thank me later;)

  14. John Tam says:

    Kindle Fire After Installing ICS 4.0 cannot Boot Please help

    Please give me some help.

    I have a Kindle Fire I loaded ICS_4.0_REBUILD.apk on and now it will not boot

    Upon booting it comes with a banner reads


    The application ICS 4.0 Launcher (process android.process.acore) has stopped unexpectly. Please try again.

    Force Close

    And when you click Force Close it just comes up with the same message no matter how many times you Force Close.

    Please tell me how can I get My Kindle Fire to boot back up?

    Thank You

  15. Daniel Lee says:

    I downloaded and installed the ICS rom on my kindle fire. It reboot successfully but I can’t find the Google Play store in it? How can I put this back? I tried to find some apk from internet but it dosen’t work. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated. Thank you!

    • levi says:

      Omygosh rlly? All u need to do turn kindle off and boot into twrp(I’m assuming u downloaded the file) go to install and find and flash it go home and hit reboot system there you go

  16. Jeff Kniep says:

    I rooted my kindle fire successfully. When i installed and flashed an ICS rom it has become stuck in a bootloop…it will boot into clock work mod recovery but thats about it. Help??

    • levi says:

      U can fix it by plugging it up to ur computer and downloading kindle fire utility and doing the steps that say boot loop or if that doesn’t work google for kindle fire and put it on kindle then flash it(this will unbrick your kindle and indoor it) so if u want to root again full have to start all over

  17. Colin says:

    Hi, I did something retarded. I was in TWRP, and for some strange reason thought wiping my system and SD card was a good idea. Now I cant flash any ROM’s (or any of the amazon OS updates). Is there any way I can fix this?

  18. monica says:

    Is there any way you can help me? Flashed jellybean ROM for my kindle fire but I forgot to make a backup of the stock ROM before I started so ow I can’t flash the file. I’m stuck using jellybean rom. Please help me

  19. Davitt says:

    Hello- I’m trying to root a kindle fire with version 2.3 on it…I’ve gotten the rootkindlefire.apk to install using ES File manager, but when I run the BurritoRoot3 is gives me a message about running it from adb first…I tried running it with the suggested command from a terminal on my kubuntu machine, but it can’t find the BurritoRoot3.bin file it says is in /data/local/tmp/….I’m a bit stuck. Any suggestions?

  20. Gabriel says:

    I just rooted may kindle and now I’m using the version 6.3.1

    Now, how can I install the Google play (Market) on my device?

    Tks and congrats for the informations you provide!

  21. g1o says:

    How to root Kindle Fire 2nd Gen 10.2.1??? Will the latest method 6.3.1 work? Help! I’m working with a mac.

  22. Tandra Ericson says:

    Was trying to root Kindle Fire with 6.3.1 after following your video directions. The download and Kindle froze and now it seems to be bricked with just the Kindle Fire logo showing. My PC (running Windows XP) doesn’t see the Kindle as a device just the USB error. Any suggestions for fixing it?

    • al says:

      I’m a complete rookie, so I am not sure if I can help, but I had a similar problem, although I am not quite sure what you are referring to with: “The download and Kindle….”. I had installed KFU on my computer, my KF was recognised by my computer (Vista), so I went to the next step of running option 2 in KFU (which also recognised my KF). KFU option 2 started, and went into a download – but for some reason the download connection was unsuccessful. Option 2 of KFU tried twenty times to start this download but then I got a message saying something like “oops something has gone wrong, try again/later”. After this my KF was stuck in the boot phase (Bricked) with just the Kindle Logo showing, and my computer (and KFU) no longer recognised my KF! After trying all kinds of things to get out of this and many hours past, I eventually de-installed KFU (with driver) and reinstalled it. I think this allowed my computer to recognise my KF once again, although KFU still did not! However I then decided to try Option 5 (FireFireFire) of KFU (although my KF still did not show up in KFU). Although Option 5 started, my KF was still not recognised by KFU, so I decided to switch my KF power off (with KFU option 5 running on my computer) and then switch my KF back on again. This worked! KFU now recognised my KF and finished the install of FireFireFire. I later ran Option 2 again, and this time was successful. Now everything works okay but I am at the next stage of trying to decide which version Jelly Bean Rom I should try to install – and if I should try this at all!

  23. Gpa Sparky says:

    Hi. Retired old man here. Have had lots of fun rooting KF with mixed results. Love the apps out of google play store that I could not get before, but have hit a snag with some I REALLY would like to have. NPR News, Droidwall, Super SU, Root Checker. All have one thing in common. Unable to access root. KFU confirms root, superuser, firefirefire all up and running. Is there a problem with “permission” in a file I don’t know about. Thanks for listening. Gpa Sparky

  24. daniel says:

    have you got a root for kindle fire 2?

  25. Ron Moniz says:

    I tried rooting my kindle fire 6.3.1 got part way thru script stop running kindle froze restarted kindle yellow triangle came up tried recovery came back with triangle even tried rooting again computer showed kindle all drivers installed script just said rooting kindle has yellow triangle would appreciate some help on this.

  26. alex says:

    cannot install driver.. error 10. device cannot start?

  27. alex says:

    and the device is stuck on kindle fire logo. Followed all directions to a t. I’ve rooted my evo 4g and it was wayyy more complicated than this so i’m not dumb.. Help Please!!!

  28. alex says:

    windows does not recognize my kindle anymore. Kindle stuck on white/orange logo. won’t do shit but turn off and on. Please tell my I haven’t permanently bricked it I need it for school!

  29. alex says:

    well thanks anyways guys. I feel your pain Moniz.. after getting frustrated and eating an extra xanax. I left it alone for a few days. came back. plugged in the brick, ran firefirefire to unbrick it, and kindlefireutility v0.9.6 instead of the rootkindlefirenew631 or whatever to root. running aokp 4.1.2. It runs great. I did have to do it all over for some reason, because I didn’t bother sleeping (Christmas Break) and I was up messing with it all night. I changed dpi to 320 correctly, didn’t seem to do anything except the screen was much more crisp. However; this might not be related, as I am a noob, At some point for some reason when I rebooted all of my icons were either massive or missing, so I wiped/flashed it again. Now the “kindle for android” app will not install correctly. error 24.. Are there pieces of it somewhere I somehow didn’t get rid of? and how would one go about doing that? Because everything else(about 30 apps) re-installed just fine.

  30. COLIN says:

    Hey I tried to root a kindle fire HD FIRMWARE 8.14. Then system is blank and has not come back on no matter what I have tried.My Computer doesn’t see the kindle device perhaps because it has not powered on in about 6 weeks. Can anyone help me to fix it?

  31. william sims says:

    I tried rooting my kindle fire, when I ran the bat file it started and only went through 1st phase, then comp hung. Kindle will only show triangle (yellow) and will not go futher. Tried re-running rootkindle.bat but still will only go to same place it stopper before. Have I destroyed my kindle?

  32. Robert Provencher says:

    I am stuck trying to install drivers for the Jem-PVT-prod-04 as I do not have a file called other devices in Device Manager. I opened everything up and there is no Jem-PVT-prod-04. Please advise. My command prompt is awaiting for device and my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 states fastboot mode

  33. ln says:

    I rooted my kindlefire 6.3.1 a while ago using your tutorials. I wanted to have googleplay and a wordprocessor. Over time i have found that my kindle struggled a bit and want to change the custom Rom, i had put AOKP ICS.

    Since most articles i see now relate to the newer devices,
    what Rom/s would be more accurate to read books, use videos apps (ted talks, coursera), wordprocessing with a good battery management for rooted fire 6.3.1

    thanks for your response,

  34. Mr.Big says:

    Hey fellas or someone, I need some help…. im a first time rooter or gonna be one, I have been comparing the kindle fire hd 16gb to the hp slate. I decided to go with the kindle fire for family gifts….. is there any information out there on how to root the kindle fire hd 16gb 7.4.3 …… if there is no way of doing this please inform me.
    I may get the hp slate w/ Google play just because of the freedom it offers….the help will be greatly appreciated. thx

  35. Youssef says:

    Hello !
    I Have A kindle fire HD 1st gen .. i wanted to root it but while rooting i have unplug the kindle and i think system is changed or uncompleted and now i can just see the kindle fire logo when i turn it on
    I Hope you help me please

  36. tobi says:

    Please can a video be made on how to root kindle fire 8.9 HD running on kindle firmware 8.4.8_user_4849120

  37. Lisa says:

    I want to try rooting my Kindle Fire and have looked at several sites to find the best way to do so. I thought this site was it, until I read the comments and there are no responses to the questions.

    Has anyone here who has asked, received help via email that doesn’t show here? If not, I’ll go to another site cuz I sure don’t want to end up stuck with no support of I do something wrong.

  38. Ryan says:

    Can the fire hd8 7th gen be rooted with the method you used?

  39. NeoL says:


    I had rooted my kindle fire hd 8.9. using your protocol (“How to Root & Convert Kindle Fire HD 8.9 into Pure Android Tablet!”, that posted on August 14, 2013, by admin). It worked well. Then I tried to move on to step 15. But I hit the enter button before I completed the entry (“dd if=/data/local/tmp/stack of=/dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc.1/by-name/system bs=6519488 seek=1″, I missed entering “SEEK=1″). My kindle fire HD hanged.

    I disconnected and tried to factory hard reset (using holding PWE and VOL UP for 20 seconds) and erase all data. My kindle fire reset and then stay on the screen “Kindle Fire” and hanged. I tried connecting it to my PC but PC cannot see the connection (I recognized that device manager did show it connect for a second and then the device icon disappeared.

    I tried holding the PWR and VOL UP, wishing to get into the hard reset mode but never succeeded.

    Do you have any suggestion how I can tackle the problem?


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