How to Unroot/Unbrick Rooted Kindle Fire!

So, you’ve screwed up your Kindle Fire while rooting or installing a new ROM?

No worries, you can unroot/unbrick your rooted Kindle Fire back to completely stock using this method.

First, I assume you’ve installed TWRP recovery.

Step 1. Re-boot your rooted Kindle Fire and press Power button when you see the fire logo as shown below to enter TWRP recovery.

Step 2. Once in TWRP recovery, choose “Mount”.

Step 3. Choose “Mount USB Storage” and connect your micro-USB cable to your computer.  This will connect your Kindle Fire as a USB Disk drive.

Step 4. Download update-kindle-6.2.1_D01E_3103920.bin and copy over to your Kindle Fire.

Download update-kindle-6.2.1_D01E_3103920.bin

Step 5. Rename update-kindle-6.2.1_D01E_3103920.bin to

Step 6. Unmount then choose “Wipe”.

Step 7. Choose “Factory Reset”.

Step 8. Choose “Install”.

Step 9. Browse your Kindle Fire and choose “”.

Step 10. Choose “Flash”.

Step 11. Reboot and your Kindle Fire should be completely unrooted, back to stock.

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104 Responses to How to Unroot/Unbrick Rooted Kindle Fire!

  1. Jos eCua says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time in putting up this tutorial. I’m using a previously rooted kindle fire, but due to the 6.2.1 update my android market stopped working so i thought I’d try to re-root again using your ”
    Kindle Fire Root! [New][6.2.1][Windows/Mac/Linux]“. I seem to be stuck at step 14. And am unable to detect my kindle fire even after installing the drivers. So I am now unable to continue to the next steps and my kindle fire is stuck on the kindle logo screen. When I try install the drivers it seems to go smoothly and shows up in the device manager, however when in command prompt, and i type “adb devices” nothing shows up. Please help, I’ve tried installing the driver on different computers and. Hope you can help me through this problem or at least show me a way to revert my kindle back to its usable state.

    I don’t have “TWRP recovery” installed because my kindle fire got stuck in the boot screen and can’t be detected on usb before the section where twrp is installed.

    Thanks for your time man, hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Marvin says:

    I am stuck on the triangle…I have tried everything…I was in the process of installing TWPP so I am not sure if it fully installed…any suggestions on how I can get past the triangle?
    I tried restarting and holding the button down for 20 seconds but it just shuts off and doesn’t reboot.

  3. Marvin says:

    I tried kindlefireunbrick but it doesn’t see my kindle upon rebooting my pc.


  4. Anthony says:

    I am stuck on the triangle. I got past everything up to the last part and TWRP is supposed to be installed but nothing happens. I can’t even get into recovery mode with it. Please advise me on what the next step is. I unplugged it just as you did and It didn’t reboot.

    • Sam says:

      I have a similiar problem. I kindle fire will not reboot. I just shows the Kindle Fire like its going to reboot. but it just stays on. This is after i tried to unroot it. Did you find a way to fix it?

  5. robert says:

    For whatever reason the file “” does not show up under the “sd card” tab or anywhere else for that reason. I checked back, and it’s there, but it is just not showing up. help, thanx

  6. Lima says:

    I got the error :

    E: Unable to open zip file.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Thank you very much for all the great resources you have posted. I am a novice, and I was able to root and unroot my Kindle Fire. Is there a way to unroot without getting back to factory defaults? Thanks again.

    • Eric says:

      Yes there is, Jonthan. Go to the Market and download OTA Rootkeeper. Once it’s installed you can temporarily unroot your KF anytime you want (if you want to stream movies from Amazon etc). Just follow the easy steps, then reboot. Your KF will be unrooted at that point, but will reroot once you’ve again rebooted.

  8. Adam says:

    Tried rooting. Got stuck after step 15 at the yellow triangle. Now when I power off and power on I try to get into TWRP but it just powers off again. Please HELP!!

  9. robert says:

    nevermind. It finally decided to turn into a zip folder. What a weight off of my chest. Thanx for showing me how to successfully root it and unroot it. It was very helpful.

  10. Marc Bassil says:

    Hey does this method remove the twrp bootloader?

  11. Ruzty says:

    Will this work on a rooted KF with 6.2.2. firmware?

  12. Jerry says:

    Great! I had to do it twice, but it worked. Thank you for showing me how.

  13. William says:

    Got stuck with an ICS 4.0 loader. It fails to start and hangs on the force close on the ICS loader. It was completely stock 6.2.2. Any methods on recovering to a stock screen?

  14. Fernando says:

    My Kindle Fire stuck in the yellow triangle, what I have to do to recover itt to a working condition?

  15. meghan says:

    okay we are trying to unroot my kinlde fire back to regular settings but my kinlde will not mount to my computer and its asking me tp format the drive…. what do i do. i have the twpp installed onto the kindle but i cant get it to responde to my computer at all. please help!!!!

  16. davidbrent says:

    This method totally bricked my kindle fire. Thanks!

  17. David says:

    Thank you, thank you.
    I had a definitely bricked KF and was totally stuck with no where to go. I searched for unbricking instructions and tried several until I came to yours. It worked beautifully and I now have a stock Fire and can start over with a new root effort.
    Thank you

  18. Johan says:


    My Kindle worked well for months. Then the battery went down as I did not use it for a week or two.
    Now it’s just blinking on and off when I add power. It just shows the Yellow triangle on and off.
    I cannot switch it on or off pressing the button for any length of time.

    • Ali says:


      Just saw your post about your kindle problem, I have the same problem now and its blinking when I connect the usb cable, did you manage to fix it? how?

      thanks alot

  19. Bucky says:

    Worked like a charm! Thanks!

  20. Felix says:

    I have TWRP on my kindle fire
    But when I mount it
    It cannot be detected in the computer
    What can I do???
    Please help me because I can’t use my kindle in this state

  21. David says:

    Thanks a lot !
    You save my week !

  22. Jake says:

    Please help.
    I have the Kindle Fire utility installed. But now I just have the orange power light on my Kindle Fire. But nothing else happens. I can’t even power it off. When I try and run the run.bat i get the menu but no option works.
    I just want unroot and get it working. Any ideas please?

  23. someone says:

    At triangle, press power button, nothing happens. PLEASE!!! HELP!!! ME!!! I’ve been researching online for the past 2 hours.

  24. Anchondo says:

    I tried using this method to unroot as well as another method listed on the site and neither work for me. With this one I run the zip and it says it fails. i need some help on this

  25. abaali says:

    I tried this unrooting process and my kindle bricked it just stays on and on and on with KINDLE FIRE written on it. I think i can fix it but there seems to be a problem with me finding the when i compressed it , it says unable to open zip file! please please please if anyone knows how to make the show HELP!!

    • Ronda Bender says:

      was able to get thru all of the step except when i go to install my my screen does not have a flash option. what can i do or how do i get it to flash? i need to get kindle unrooted so i can send back cuz my plug in where it charges is damaged and has to be just rite in order to charge. help before its too late for my kindle and me!!!

  26. abaali3 says:

    I tried unrooting my kindle using this process and now its bricked :(! So, i am confident i can fix it if just the file will appear for me! when i compressed it, it tells me that its unable to open zip file! i really need my kindle asap, it has a lot of important things!! so please please please HELP ME! anyone who has found a solution for this problem please post it! :) THANK YOU

  27. Radley says:

    Thank you so much!!! I thought i was screwed was about to chuck the damn thing but i happen to stumble across your video. you just saved almost an almost smashed kindle fire. My kindle fire was completely messed up.Didn’t back up my system and i was just left with the TWRP and couldn’t get into the regular amazon kindle fire system. Thanks again you saved my Ass!!!

  28. William says:

    I have a newer kindle with the 6.3. I rooted it and it worked fine, then when i went to go download a rom it just has the kindle fire logo with the droid then goes blank. its on but its just blank. I can get into twrp but when i flash your file it doesnt work. I can see it and flash it but it hangs up there. HELP!!!!

    • William says:

      Oh yea, in case you haven’t noticed…TOTAL NOOB. Also like an idiot i didn’t backup a stock rom, is it possible to just find and download the stock rom?

  29. josh says:

    Omg mate thank you so fucking much! I wrecked the kindle and my parants where going to gut me for this, saying if u don’t fix it they were gonna make my life hell cause this was a massive treat for me. Thank u. U really have created a happy ending for me! :D

  30. Ed Corpuz says:

    I have the TWRP 2.1.1 that I put on my KF. Trying everying I can possibly find on the internet for my PC to find my KF. Once I hit the mount button on TWRP, my computer does nothing. I inserted the cable all different ways just hoping my PC would find it. NO LUCK! Is there something I need to do on my computer for it to recognize the KF as an SD card? On my KF it states: “USB Storage Mounted…” but my computer is not finding it, even under the device manager on my PC. HELP!!!!

    • ed says:

      I think I really screwed up my kindle. the SD card is formatted. nothing… I did however, before i started all of this, copy everything that was on my kindle. I tried to put it back and couldn’t. I’ll keep trying until something happens…

  31. Miguel says:

    You’re the best!! This was posted 5 months ago and it got me out of a big mess of a brick. THANK YOU!!

  32. Terry Buckeye says:

    I think I killed my Fire. I reboot and get the yellow triangle with the flames inside, but when I press the power button, nothing happens. I’ve waited for an hour with no results. Twrp doesn’t come up. My PC doesn’t see the device, either. I’d be happy to use it as a $200.00 USB drive if nothing else, but I can’t even get that far! Any ideas?

  33. Eliza says:

    You totally saved the day. I tried to root my sister’s kindle following a youtube tutorial, got an error message and the kindle stuck in reboot mode. I followed your tutorial , although I had to download the update file directly from Amazon, and now my sister’s kindle is as good as new. Many, many thanks!

  34. I totally agree with you on this one, what amazing website you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  35. dan says:

    can i delete the after rebooting my kindle? and go back to the newest update (6.3.1)? cause i want to do that! please answer!

  36. Barry says:

    I did exactly like you instructed and i get this message and the tablet bricks

    e: Unable to open zip file.

    what is the problem?

    • Barry says:

      n/m – i found out the issue, i noticed the file didnt d/l completely before i put it into the root of the tablet

  37. would this unroot work if u used the kindle fire utility and permanently rooted ur device….cause now having security certificate issues and won’t let me open amazon app store,facebook or email

  38. SICKHEART says:

    I sign up just for reply this topic especially!
    Thanks a lot. This article help me from bricked kindle and reset my kindle to factory setting.
    btw I post this on my kindle =D

  39. aaron says:

    You have no ide how much I appreciate this. It was cool to root just to see if I could and got in over my head, but your unroot tutorial made this easy. Thanks again!

  40. Eric says:

    I do not have TWRP on my KF and now I cannot get anything to come up unless I have the KF plugged into my computer. When I plug it in my computer the KF keeps turning on and off and keeps showing the Kindle Fire screen . There is a green light at the bottom and nothing else happens. This will go on for several hours until I disconnect the KF from my computer. Amazon shipped me a new KF for under warranty, but I would like to get this back to stock so that I don’t get into any trouble or anything for voiding warranty. Is there anything that I can do and I am using a mac. I will have access to a PC if needed.


  41. Eric says:

    I am running the droid boot program on my Mac. Do you have steps on how to do this correctly? Thanks for your help.

  42. Kirk says:

    Worked great, but you should update the page to version 6.3.1.

  43. mexicanhanu says:

    Please help me I cant find my zip file anywhere I cant find my twrp file either

  44. mexicanhanu says:

    I found the zip file but it said i failed… any help please?

  45. Clark says:

    My Kindle is stuck at the boot-logo every time it turns on, but I can still get to TWRP… so I am trying to follow your instructions but the problem is I can’t get the computer to recognize my Kindle even when I go into TWRP and tell it to mount the USB!! Please help!! :(

  46. william says:

    thanks man this really helped me;]

  47. Lori says:

    AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for posting this!! I got my KF back to stock after a failed attempt at rooting!!!!

  48. Dagon says:

    I’ve tried to root my KF 6.3.1 update using KFU, after so many many many tries it went some steps further but the fastboot didn’t recognize my device, so I’ve got the prompt and the kindle stuck in the kindle fire screen logo forevever.

    I’ve used adb devices to see if the computer knows that it has the device attached but no devices found. I want to have my kindle back, is it possible? Or is it damaged?

    Please any help?

    • ROCKY says:

      This has happened to me too. The way I fixed it is by connecting it to a different computer via micro USB cable. After I got downloaded KFU but did not install the drivers. when I went into KFU I went into bootmode options and selected recovery. After the Kindle rebooted and was and did not have root access (was not rooted).

  49. bbstacker7072 says:

    Thank you so much for a job well done. All of the rooting just didn’t pan out for me and I thought Id have just that…a brick. All is well. Thanks so very much.

  50. Mark Picarro says:

    Bricked my Fire trying to load KFU, thought it was history. Found your site and after one try had it working again. Thanks

  51. Mayankg says:

    Hi, I recently tried to root my KF using kindlewater .. I had no problems but my KF stopped getting detected on my mac/PC (using parallels) . I tried everything to make it work but ultimately I unrooted the KF..but still this problem hasnt got resolved. Could it be a wire prob.. but shows on my KF that usb is connected..

  52. modneps says:

    Thank you for this guide! My mom purchased a rooted Kindle Fire 6.3.1 online and it was way too confusing for her to operate, so I told her I would try to unroot it.

    The only problem I found with this guide is the file. My mom had VLC media player installed on her computer and I had to uninstall it in order to be able to change the original .bin to .zip. Just a heads up for anyone else out there that may struggle on this part.

    Everything is working fabulously now though, thank you again!

  53. Ziyad says:

    how to change it to .zip it is always .zip.bin What Do I Do??


  54. FIJIFan says:

    For all those having ZIP file issues (meaning you downloaded the file from the link above): Go to and download the kindle software from there. Change the file name to and download to your kindle directory. Then follow the install steps. I had the same zip file issues mentioned in the comments and doing this worked perfectly.

  55. dan says:

    when i unroot my kindle fire, do i have to do a factory reset? cause i have a account on tiny village and i really want to keep it, i got to far and to high of a level to through it away! please answer!

  56. dan says:

    so i went to go and unroot my kindle… and i did everything, but when i get to the flash part it fails? i dont know what to do!! please help me!!!

  57. Jayah Jordan says:


  58. John Paris says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million thank yous. I had tried rooting this new KF and got stuck at the TWRP screen. This process set me back to stock

  59. Viktoria says:

    Thank you so much!!! I also got stuck at the twrp screen. Your instructions were easy and extremely helpful!

  60. Ricardo says:

    omg thank i thought that my kindle was forever gone but this helpped me i guve you propps!!!xD

  61. carne says:

    Thank you for putting up this guide. I’m a novice in rooting and installing custom roms. I got curious and wanted to try three different roms and accidentally wiped my sd card. You saved me some money by providing this fix. thank you again and keep up the great work

  62. mike says:

    thank you so much my kindle was stuck on the twrp menu and this worked perfectly

  63. Matt says:

    Hey, i did everything in the video to unroot my kindle. I rebooted it and its stuck at the booting process with kindle fire and fire is in red so its unrooted. How can i get it unstuck?

  64. Chris says:

    I tried rooting my Kindle Fire with KFU but while intalling TWRP it failed. So my kindle is now apparently soft-bricked with only the kindle fire logo appearing. Is there a way to ultimately fix this?

  65. Uneeb says:

    I accidentally installed without factory resetting it. HELP

  66. Ian says:

    how do you remove twrp itself? i think it is possible.

      • Rob says:

        I’ve tried multiple times to do the but it’s not showing up under twrp. I had vlc installed and uninstalled it just like someone mentioned above but still with no luck because the extension still says bin in the file type. What am i doing wrong?

  67. Dillon McBee says:


  68. KAR says:

    the LINK Down my man

  69. david says:

    hey max, i tried your method of rooting my KF 6.3.. i am stuck at the log screen say Kindle Fire. its not loading at all. i read everywhere , alot of people seem to have this problem and now me. please help me fix this.. email me please. thanks

  70. colorfultattoo says:

    hi there,rooted my KFHD 6.3.1 with your package, and it worked beautifully. i logged into the kindle store, and installed the bible, angry birds, the weather channel, and scrabble, tested the apps and they worked great; had to run some errands that took 5 hours, and now my KFHD boots to the yellow triangle, i have not been able to find any recovery module, any suggestion s?

  71. colorfultattoo says:

    i was able to get to the recovery module once, but now i cant get back to it. is there any special trick to get into the recovery module?

  72. Nate says:

    i cant get my twrp to open on my kindle. i believe my kindle is bricked but i cant get it to open the menu so i can use the unbricker

  73. Richard says:

    Your recipe is easy to follow. Very logical.
    Unfortunately for me, I am seeing anomaly messages duing the “Install” step.
    Updating partition details…
    Running boot script…

    Finished running boot script.
    Installing ‘/sdcard/’ …
    Checking for MD5 file …
    Skipping MD5 check: no MD5 file found (True, there isn’t one in the ZIP file)
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “blaze” ||
    E:unknown command [err_string]
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “blaze”
    E:unknown command [err_string]
    E:Error executing updater binary in zip ‘/sdcard/’
    Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/’
    Updating partition details… (meaningless as the process failed with an error)


    1. Anyone else see these symptoms? Have a work-around or solution?
    2. Any other suggestions?

    My goal is to sell my Kindle Fire 1st generation with only Amazon software on it. TWRP yellow distraction – while it hurts nothing it is a scare for most purchasers.

    Thank you for any assistance.


  74. Sarah says:

    Having a problem. Bought a rooted kindle fire…has twrp…trying to reroot as I like kindle…I seem to be doing what you say in video but it gets stuck with Kindle Fire (booting) screen….Am I missing something? My screen does not look EXACTLY like yours in video but it is close. Could the person not have installed whatever recovery thing you were talking about? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I do ok and I’m still struggling with this. I never to have yellow icon but I get into all the other screens.

  75. Ian says:

    Richard and related problems: go to Google and look up “twrp.” Then, at the top of the page, you will see a button labeled “find your device”. Select that, then type “blaze”into the search bar. Select kindle fire, and when the page loads, scroll down to the option to download the latest “.IMG” file. Mount the USB storage and move the file to the kindle. Select the “flash” option, and find that file. Select it and hit the button to flash it. Reboot the kindle, and try flashing the kindle OS. Good luck!

  76. Jessica says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! my brother rooted my Kindle but couldn’t explain how he did it. So we couldn’t figure out how to undo it! Followed your guide and it was like magic (clearly I don’t use electronics much) but thank you so much. It is back to normal after such a short time (the longest it took was downloading the file). For somebody like me who has a hard time charging my phone this was incredibly uncomplicated! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

  77. DC says:

    Hi! Thanks for the info. I’m in need of some additional help.

    I converted my device to run Jelly Bean and am trying to get it back to amazon os. I have d/l’d the stock rom and tried to flash it using twrp recovery but continue to get this failed message: Any ideas?

    Install/ sdcard/…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    *Verifying filesystems…
    *Verifying partition sizes…
    Error falshing zip ‘/sdcard/’

    Thanks for your help!

  78. Chris says:

    OK, I m screwed, followed it all the way to step 20. when it rebooted, it never came back, its not just bricked, its a good building brick, wont turn on at all!!! Help?

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