Modaco ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [Google Market]

For those of you who want Google Market and also keep your Kindle OS 6.2.1 intact, I suggest to give the Modaco ROM a try.

The Modaco ROM is based off Kindle OS 6.2.1 with optimizations to make your Kindle Fire much faster. ┬áIt also comes with Google Market so you won’t have to bother with command line commands to install it manually.

Lastly, Amazon Prime videos are still broken with this ROM (or on any rooted Kindle Fire) but we should have a solution to this soon.

Download ROM:

Download Modaco ROM


Don’t forget to say thanks to XDA user paulobrien for this wonderful ROM!

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One Response to Modaco ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [Google Market]

  1. Alonzo Madonna says:

    This rom is great love its the most stable for me and i love how it has android market & can change launcher
    it now a functioning android system but do not expect to get the full features of a real android the kindle fire lacks the performance & hardware so things like camera apps and HD gaming are out of the question but i am thankful to get live wallpaper and a different app market

    For those who have this rom and want the wallpaper to stay the same get ROOT EXPLORER then Navigate to DATA, then DATA then COM.ANDROID.SETTINGS then FILES then long press on WALLPAPER select PERMISSIONS then uncheck everything under WRITE go downwards —– now your wallpapers or live wallpapers will not change everytime you shut or turn off kindle

    big thanks to developer for rom
    big thanks to Max for his tutorials

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