Energy CM9 ICS ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [SUPER FAST]

With a ton of new ICS ROMs like this Energy CM9 ICS ROM, it makes the Kindle Fire the best ICS tablet your money can buy right now at this moment. The Energy CM9 ICS ROM is another great ICS ROM that can be overclocked to 1.2Ghz, and I notice a “super fast” lag-free experience on this ROM.

Give this ICS ROM a go and let me know how fast it is!

Download ROM:

Download Energy CM9 ICS ROM

Don’t know how to install a custom ROM? Do you have your Kindle Fire rooted? Please see Root Kindle Fire FAQ FIRST if you are new to all this!

Credits – XDA

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46 Responses to Energy CM9 ICS ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [SUPER FAST]

  1. Ryan Crabtree says:

    I installed this and love it! I need to find out who’s responsible as I’d love to donate. The idea that this stuff comes out to public for free is mind-blowing. After dealing with the stock kindle fire, and even the rooted with GoLauncher, it was so slow and always seemed to get bogged down. Now it’s sweet!!! Thanks for your instructions. I’ll be honest; I was scared big time. I finally decided to man up and boy am I glad!

  2. Tommyboy says:

    Since the screen brightness adjustment does not work on this rom, use the root dim app and adjust brightness by adjusting the contrast. Otherwise, a perfect rom pre-loaded with the play store.

  3. Ryan says:

    Help, I just installed this and the tablet will no longer charge!!!

    • Matthew says:

      You’re tablet should be charging. I’ve read somewhere that there was a problem with the charging icon not showing that the device was changing while plugged in, but it is in fact charging. That’s from what I understand. Now, if your tablet really is not charging, you might want to look into buying a new charger or testing your current charger.

  4. Evan says:

    Just installed the rom and my Kindle would not charge anymore. Please advise.

    • Matthew says:

      Hello, I’ve replied to another comment similar to yours. Here’s what I said.

      You’re tablet should be charging. I’ve read somewhere that there was a problem with the charging icon not showing that the device was changing while plugged in, but it is in fact charging. That’s from what I understand. Now, if your tablet really is not charging, you might want to look into buying a new charger or testing your current charger.

  5. Tommyboy says:

    Try leaving the screen on all day with the kindle on the charger. If the kindle is still on after 8 to 10 hours, then it is charging. A lot of people say that their kindle is not charging because the charging icon does not work. If it is not charging flash back to stock, and try the “Intersect Raven” kernel if you are addicted to the speed boost.

  6. artie says:

    Got the energy 4.0 rom to work on my rooted kindle fire.
    The problem Im having is when I hit the shutdown tab after holding in the power button,I get a shutdown in progress message and the screen goes off,but I still see the backlight on and then it doesnt boot back up with subsequent presses of the power button.

    • Jon says:

      @Tomboy: Thanks, I have been worried about this. I saw the Charge % jump up over night when I shut the kindle off and kept it on the charger, but you made me feel much better.

      @Artie: I have the same problem with that has well. I’ve just been holding down the power button for a hard shut off.

    • Tyler says:

      Same here…

  7. Ryan says:

    Mine is charging it just does not say so on the notifications bar. Has anyone been experiencing their internet connection cycle on and off? has anyone found a solution?

  8. Tommyboy says:

    The internet cycles on and off after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity. I really don’t mind this because of the battery savings, and it never cycles while i am using it.

  9. ryan says:

    Were definately not experiencing the same thing. This thing cycles way more often than that and always when I’m using it

  10. Lancellor says:

    Hey guys, i keep getting the booting screen and never goes away.. After i flashed any room keeps boot looping, any suggestions??

    • admin says:

      try clearing cache and dalvik cache in TWRP.

    • tyler mcgill says:

      yeaa i had the same problem… push run under kindle fire utilitys…on your computer then push 1 for boot mode…then change form fast boot to normall 4000 boot!gluck

  11. Eric says:

    Are there any ROMS out for the Kindle Fire that don’t use Hash’s kernel, I’m so sick of the backlight issue. Can you flash a new kernel on this ROM? Please someone fix this shit! Or tell me how to fix it myself please!?

  12. MindaugasLT says:

    Thanks a lot. I flashed this ROm on my Kindle and it is awesome! Almost perfect. After using it few days in a row I can give short resume.
    1) Device is charging sespite it may not show in the notif. area or burning the button light. Actually sometimes it manages to show that device is charging. And sometimes not. I couldn’t find when and why. Charges in about 4 hours from 0 to 100%.
    2) Sometimes one ot other app notifies that it stopped working. Happened few times with the Play store. But that’s not a problem at all.
    3) I’ve read few complaints on the net that few users had problem connecting kindle to the PC. I had no issues with my mac though. Plug it to the computer, hit notification on the Kinle and choose mounting usb in the subsequent window.
    4) Device never froze, never had problems restarting it or getting of sleep.
    5) Battery lasts pretty good, at least 4-5 hours of use (games, movies, internet browsing). Pretty much the same as with the stock ROM.
    5) UI is blazing fast, I am more than satisfied.

  13. peter says:

    im having issues watching anything from youtube, the app that is stock (asks me if i wanna watch it from a youtube app, or the stock browser, or chrome, none of them work, on chrome i get rerouted to some other site…….

  14. sadmglw says:

    Thank you, Love the ROM. Small issue. I have three KF in my house, all rooted with your rom running it. All have the same MAC address. How can I change the MAC address . Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. says:

    Its fast super fast no lag at all only thing I found is the brightness leveler doesn’t do anything but doesn’t really bother me. Great rom !

  16. MindaugasLT says:

    Go and get the updated version (May 29) of this ROM. Brightness now works.

  17. Ric Hard says:

    I have this rom as well, I think i am having the same issue with the charging. I am noticing that on the notifier bar and the orange light not being on. And i am not noticing that the battery meter isnt looking any differnt. If i turn it off and then plug into charger, it boots the kindle. But i am going to keep it on the charger to see. Any work around?

    • Ric Hard says:

      Edit: to my previous post. My kindle is charging. Doesn’t display on the Notifier bar nor does the orange light on the power button light up to alert u that its charging..
      I just went under settings and changed the battery status to show percentage. And it has been charging.

  18. Ross says:

    My KF ran out of battery power with this ROM, and now I cant turn it on. Even with it plugged into power. Any suggestions toward what I should do?

    • Brian says:

      Same problem but it resolved itself. Plug into wall outlet and leave for about 10 minutes. Next alternate plugging and unplugging from wall about 10 sec each. light should turn green or orange once you plug in. Then just leave plugged in and wait for boot sequence to finish

      • raymond says:

        I have same problems. It still not working by plugging and unplugging alternately. Now the fire is totally dead. Any suggestion?

  19. Bruce says:

    This ROM is awesome, so awesome in fact that I installed it on a 2nd kindle fire we have in our household. After doing this I found that the network connection had become very unstable on both fires and after further investigation, i found that both fires have the same MAC address and IP address !!

    How do I resolve this.
    As things stand now, we can only have one kindle fire connected to wifi at a time.

  20. Moviemillionare says:

    Here is the link for the Updated Version

    • KF89 says:

      Thank You Very Much!!!!
      This ROM is excellent, nothing (for now) is failling so TVM again…
      kind of save mi life….

  21. sadmglw says:

    Still!!! June 23 2012 does not fix my mac address issue

  22. Dariel says:

    I just flashed my kindle fire with the updated version of the ROM but my pc doesnt recognize my kindle as an SD card, and when i turn my fire on it will not start loading, i need to hard reset couple of times before i get it to work, Did anyone know whats happening?

    • Ian says:

      You need to go into the developer options and give both apps and ADB root access. Then services such as the Kindle Fire Utility, and SD card access should resume once again. (Don’t worry, apps will still need to ask for your permission to use root, using SuperUser.)

  23. Greg Lewis says:

    Overall this ROM works great. I have only experienced an issue that images are displayed 90% off. When I hold the fire in landscape mode images are displayed in portrait. When the fire is in portrait mode image are displayed in landscape. I have had the same issue with other CM9 ROMS. I did not have the issue with CM7 ROMS.

  24. Birdman_85 says:

    I love this rom on my kindle, makes it so much more useful here in Aus.

    Battery is a killer though, are they going to look at locking the cpu processor speeds or is there an app available for the kindle fire as an underclock for battery life when simply reading an ebook?

    Every time i set it to conservative, i go back to the settings 5 mins later and it has changed to performance….battery draining.

  25. Rolando says:

    which ROM is better? Energy or AOKP


  26. lincoln says:

    I tried this on my kindle and followed the link tapped the file thing and it said download started then it said the download failed. Please help!

  27. darien says:

    I just flashed this from and its great. Comes pre loaded with gapps and guess WHAT!!! HD bids work. It worked on Netflix and YouTube. Awesome from. Super fast

  28. Ian says:

    Beware everyone, the download link in this article is old. Please use this link instead. That has a link to the 4.29.2012 build, and this link I will provide has the 7.31.2012 build. the 7.31.2012 build pretty much solves EVERY issue mentioned in all the comments here, such as screen brightness, not being able to be adjusted, Battery charge light, and CPU speed governor settings (You can now change them from performance if you wanted! This new version also had double the choices of speed governors.)

  29. Nick Topper says:

    Fantastic! But I can’t seem to mount the SD card after installing. Makes it very hard to use for me, iv’e been emailing myself files, and uploading big ones to my schools server, to download on the fire. Wont mount on Linux or Win7. Giving CM10 a try.

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