CM10.1/SGT7 ROM for Kindle Fire! [Tablet UI Option][Android 4.2.1]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the CM10.1/SGT7 ROM, a hybrid of CM10.1 ROM featuring Phone/Tablet UI, customized Trebuchet launcher, and Gesture menus.

If you are looking to be on the latest android 4.2.1, this is another great stable ROM that will turn your Kindle Fire into a Nexus 7 (almost).

Also, if you want to run apps in Phone or Tablet mode (for the full effect), you can install Xposed Framework to make it like a ParanoidAndroid ROM (although it doesn’t exist for Kindle Fire yet).

With Android 4.2.1, you will also be able to have as many users you want with each user having its own workspace just like a computer.

So, give this ROM a try this week and do let me know what you think!


Download CM10.1/SGT7 ROM for Kindle Fire

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer if you like this ROM, thx!

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8 Responses to CM10.1/SGT7 ROM for Kindle Fire! [Tablet UI Option][Android 4.2.1]

  1. SkipF says:

    I installed it and lost and 1weather. My P.Google account
    SAYS they’re still there, but I can’t find them. Slid back to 20121217
    and they’re still not there. What’s left beside a total dump and going
    back to 20121217???

  2. George sedlack says:

    Does this Rom work with kindle fire he 7″ that has been rooted?

  3. Hendrix says:

    Err pls how do I add “screenshot” to the power menu option?

  4. Arun says:

    Tried flashing with this ROM, struck with CyanogenMod logo page after reboot

  5. Hendrix says:

    Okay I finally got it!

  6. Arun says:

    i finally flashed my kindle with 4.2.1 custom ROM, but i dont have any google apps. Tried installing gapps, i always get “Unfortunately google has stopped”.
    Could some one point me to the right gapps for this custom image for kindle

  7. Schu says:

    Installed this ROM and GAPPS without issues. Now Windows XP does not recognize my Kindle Fire when connected with USB cable. Windows wants to load a driver that I can’t find anywhere. Although, when Kindle is set to Mass Storage device, windows explorer lists it as KINDLE. I need help getting ADB interface to list the Kindle. ADB DEVICES returns nothing?
    Even when Settings–>Developer Options–>Android Debugging is check and Settings–>Storage–>USB Computer Connection (top right settings button) is set to MTP. Any Help would be appreciated. Any Ideas?

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