AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Kindle Fire! [Best ROM][Android 4.1.2]

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If you want to be running on the latest Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 and have a ton of customizations over stock Jelly Bean, check out AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for your Kindle Fire. I think this is certainly the best ROM out right now for your Kindle Fire.

AOKP brings a ton of UI customizations to your Kindle Fire while also giving you a pure Google experience. You can customize many things including the lockscreen, power menu, sound, add weather/calendar widgets to lockscreen, and much more.

Beyond just that, if you want to turn your Kindle Fire into a pure Android tablet device without all that Amazon junk, this is the ROM to install.  Of course, if you do use Amazon Prime for watching movies this isn’t the ROM for you.  Personally, I don’t use Amazon Prime much even though I have it and since I’ve got Amazon Prime running on my LG TV, there’s no need for me to watch it on a smaller screen.

For this week, give this AOKP Jelly Bean ROM a try and let me know what you think, I think you will like it very much.


Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM

Download Gapps

To install, re-boot into TWRP, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot!

Credits – XDA

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42 Responses to AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Kindle Fire! [Best ROM][Android 4.1.2]

  1. Luis says:

    I just download it… but doesnt have google play… How can i get it?

  2. ryan says:

    Gmail and Google play do not work. Upgraded from energy cm9

  3. travis says:

    Thanks for the helpful Info. I rooted my KF1G for the first time today, and installed this rom w/o a hitch. good stuff. Ill keep checking back w/ your website.

  4. josef says:

    Thank you for the ROM it is smooth and fast and I do like all the different options that we have.

    Just one question, I cannot find volume control to adjust.



  5. gwashington says:

    i saved my backup to my pc..then wiped EVEYTHING. i have TWRP and i know i wipe the sd card and the EX card partition. the Kindle freezes at the logo and im thinking of using a LINUX distro to copy over my twrp folder that i save from my kindle back over. any suggestions. aka: Dont do that again !!! lol. i decided to try the ICS Rom u linked too.

    • nsparkz says:

      ICS ram is much better right now in terms of UI and gallery sync. have downgraded back to ics since i loved it soooo much

  6. SkipF says:

    Thanks!!!That was easy.

  7. damien says:

    I flashed the ROm and now KF is stucked on BOOT loop Initiating Swagger unicorn logo. Computer does not even register KF when I plug it in. Looks like it is bricked. I cant run any KFU programs cause computer wont recognize device anymore???? Please help!!!!!!

  8. johnnyk says:

    Love this ROM ! It’s like having a new device. BUT – I am getting the “Unfortunately mobile data has stopped” crash occasionally and it forces me to reboot the device.

    Anyone else?

  9. al says:

    What does not work with this ROM version? On some ROM versions I have read that things like charging (orange) light doesn’t work, or only partly works, or other things do not work, so how is it with this version? Also I am a complete newbie at this sort of thing, is this version then suited for me (to install/use easily)? And if this version is not best for me, which other can you recommend? I am looking for a stable version that works fully and easy to use(install) for people like me. Thanks!

  10. Alvaro says:

    Hi, this rom is awesome, I really like it. but you know, if are there updates? cause the battery always loses the charge quikly, even if I don’t use it. And I noticed that the screen always turn on, like it had a shorcut, when the gadged it’s off. i will apreciate a lot if you post som updates. thank i really like this rom, you’re the best

  11. jmay says:

    how can you adjust the volume like you could on original kf rom?

  12. kindle noob says:

    Hey guys I just bought the kindle 8.9 inch. Does the same method apply as the 7 inch? I really want jellybean on this thing! Thanks

  13. al says:

    jandycane version 1.8

    Has anyone had the same Trouble/Problem- or know what is going on/solution ?

    Problem with 28 Nov. GooManager received update for Jandycane 1.8

    [ROM][AOSP][10/10/2012] Jelly Bean Tablet Edition aka Project Jandycane version 1.8

    (updates jandycane 20121020 and gapps 20121011 done on 09/11/12 – everything okay)


    On 28 November GooManager automatically downloaded the following new update:

    On the 29 November I flashed this on my first gen. Kindle Fire

    As follows:

    first did a Backup then wiped Cache and Dalvik and then started update –

    after starting update got a Dalvik cache Directories wipe complete message (then)

    Verifying Filesystem….
    Verifying partition sizes…
    Install ……..
    Finding update package
    (and finally)
    Installation Complete!

    (then once again under this the texts)
    Verifying Filesystem….
    Verifying partition sizes…

    But there it seems to have stopped (completed?)

    And under in TWRP I had the options: Wipe Cache/Dalvik – Home – Reboot System

    I decided to choose Reboot system

    The following happened:

    I got a message “upgrading Android apps”

    then it started in the normal Android (“turning mirror bits”) loading window

    then the usual password window

    but now the keyboard wouldn’t open!!! I couldn’t get past the password window

    also I notice that the WLAN was no longer on/active (it had been on during the whole process)

    I tried several reboots – still the same

    I eventually decided to do a restore of Backup – this was successful!

    I have no idea what is, or went wrong

    Is there something wrong with this – it certainly seems like it?????????

    Any other experiences? Anybody know what is wrong? What should be done (now)?

    • nsparkz says:

      Got the same issue. Re-did the whole thing and it was resolved. i suggest
      1. reboot your kindle and try again
      2. if the above doesnt work, reboot in twrp recovery- format system, re-install jelly bean, re-install gapp, wipe cache/dalvik, reboot system. it should work fine

  14. nott tippayasanti says:

    I can’t find the zip file on both downloaded files. How to install them or which files to use as they come as folders?

  15. Tom1912 says:

    I have the twerp that comes up with a kindle fire with blue fire, will that work with this rom

  16. Tom1912 says:

    I received a error that said “Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/’”

  17. Trent says:

    I just started the root process. Followed all the directions for drivers installs. When I started the rooting process it said “starting daemon” or something, then waiting for device. Well now my device is stuck at the splash screen. Restarts won’t help!

    Dude, did the FIRST STEP of your guide freaking BRICK MY DEVICE???

    Please HELP!!!

  18. kaptaincripple says:

    is this website on vacation for the holidays? I just got a kindle fire for Christmas and wanted to root it but it’s running 10.2.4 and the newest version I can find on here is like 6 something…. did itit get to hard for you guys to figure out?

    • Eddie Bell says:

      You must have the newer 2nd edition or fire HD. This info appears tested for the FIRST Gen. Kindle Fire that came out over a year ago. IDK if they’ve cracked the newer ones yet, but since 1st Gen. is somewhere between obsolescence & fully obsolete; I’d advise you to keep looking & include “2nd Gen” in your searches.

      • kaptaincripple says:

        lol yeah I finally realized it was a 2nd gen I haven’t messed with it much yet just looking into rooting…. I just thought giving them some shit would light a fire under their asses to get it cracked…lol hope it works I can’t wait to root this bad boy

  19. Rusty says:

    I just rooted and put jelly bean on my wife’s kindle fire. She loves it.
    I also rooted my HTC Evo 4g LTE with your other website. Really appreciate the help.
    Simply Awesome!!!!! and PS I used my 64bit Windows 7

  20. john poore says:

    hi there, i put jelly bean on my kindlefire hd, seemed to work, but still no camera, and now it thinks its a regular kindle running 6.3.1. any thoughts on how to get it back to the kindlefire hd?

  21. kindle says:

    You are awesome, thank you!!!

  22. scott k. says:

    installed this with gapps and works perfectly. having lots of fun messing around with this ROM since i own an iPhone and the kindle fire OS was a bit boring. thanks a lot


  23. David says:

    I just tried installing this and while it installed properly, it killed my TWRP (can no longer boot into recovery). I also can’t install anything no matter what I do or reflash or connect the usb to my computer. I’ve been looking into this for hours since it destroyed my kindle and I can’t find an answer. Anyone else have this issue?

  24. mentor says:

    My wifi doesn’t works… any idea???
    Best regards

  25. Suspect987 says:

    My control buttons disappeared on me (Bottom of the screen). I don’t know if it happened once I changed to the tablet UI (Which is slightly off to the left on all my screens) or if I turned something off. Either way I can’t return to the some screen or exit apps that don’t have their own close button. I went back to the stock rom for now. If anyone can help that would be great, aside from that I was loving this ROM.

  26. Rob says:

    Rooted and installed this, works great The only issue i have is that when the headphones are plugged into the kindle the sound goes to mute. I then have to go unmute the audio in order to use the headphones. Is there a way to fix the muting of audio when i plug headphones in?

  27. Schu says:

    I installed this ROM and GAPPS ok. Everything appears OK but USB connection to WIndows PC fails. The Kindle Fire drivers do not install. I can not establish a connection. Are there alternate drivers for this ROM?

  28. Geoffrey says:

    I’ve installed it, and it got stuck on the Initiating Swagger screen, so I followed previous advice and rebooted then reflashed gapps and the ROM, rebooted, and then booted as usual, and it still got stuck. Any tips? (I am using a 1st gen kindle fire btw)

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