ROM development for Kindle Fire has been a bit slow in the past but the good news is that now rooted Kindle Fire users can take full advantage over fully-stable ICS ROMs like AOKP ICS ROM.

I’ve used AOKP ICS ROM on many other Android devices and I have to say it’s one of the best ROMs for your Kindle Fire right now.

Not only that, this is AOKP Milestone 5, which means it’s fully stable, with everything working including sound, video decoding, and a whole lot more.

If you are still using Kindle OS, you are definitely missing out, give this ICS ROM a go and let me know how it works for you!

Download ROM:


Download Google Apps

To install, boot into TWRP, wipe factory, install ROM, install GoogleApps, then reboot. That’s it!

Don’t know how to install a custom ROM? Do you have your Kindle Fire rooted? Please see Root Kindle Fire FAQ FIRST if you are new to all this!

Credits – XDA

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76 Responses to AOKP ICS ROM for Rooted Kindle Fire! [STABLE][FULLY WORKING]

  1. vitalik says:

    Thanks a lot. It is very useful post.
    I have installed that ROM. All works perfect. But there is a little problem. I can’t charge my Fire. Button on the bottom of the device dosen`t light when power cable connected. So I had to reboot device, run TWRP and only after then charging had began and bottom button lighted. Can you tell what is problem? Have anybody met hat problem?

    • Jay says:

      It’s listed in the notes for the ROM. Your kindle /is/ charging – you can verify this by downloading an app such as Badass Battery Monitor, and watching the percentage go up. But the ICS kernel is not capable of sending the charging event to the OS, and as such, the charging icon will not appear on your screen, nor will the orange light turn on.

  2. William Malicia says:

    great ROM with only one caveat for me. It has no access to my Amazon Video library which has quite a substantial collection given my Prime membership. Is there an APP for that?

  3. kobraone says:

    so far so good !!!! awesome actually! i didnt get market or google play store how can i get it?

    • Xillra says:

      you need to download “Gapps” for your fire and go back to TWRP, open it up, and flash gapps onto the device. Dont do a factory reset, though.

  4. lizzy says:

    It’s awesome! But how do I install GoogleApps?

    • wisekid says:

      U download the gapps zip file and install it wit twrp

      • LeinieDrinker says:

        Which gapps zip file do I download?

        I go into GooManager/download gapps packages/
        then which zip do I download?

        I downloaded the AOKP ICS ROM, but did not have the google play store.
        Any help would be great.
        Thanks in advane

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks for the videos, really easy to follow. For a relative noob, could you tell me how to flash back gapps using this? I just got the kf a day ago and trying to find that info is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I know the XDA site references gapps MD5: 30e41ded4ccd3c123081d2046d12dbae, but I dont know what to do with this. Thanks!

    • Jeff Kniep says:

      For the gapps you must flash the gapps zip right after you flash the rom. You must flash both zips before rebooting the system.

  6. pete says:

    mine wanted to update to aokp otter, did anyone else get this, it got rid of my google apps, and im stuck with amazon (not really sure if it matters as im new to android platform)

  7. Ryan says:

    Please provide info on installing GoogleApps

  8. Mark says:

    Great rom have ran into a problem though. Sometimes when I go to launch a app or move it to the home screen it rotates orientation then crashes the app. I have to reboot to fix the problem. Another issue I’ve noticed is that the battery drains much faster then on stock. Any suggestion on how to fix either of these issues?

    • nancy_sparkz says:

      Hey Mark,
      What i have noticed is that whenever you shut down your KF, the backlight remains on until you again long press the power button for 10 sec. I think this is the cause of the battery drain, because even though you turned your kindle off, its still using battery for the back light.
      The best thing to do here is to minimize shutdown of KF and when you do, make sure it’s completely off….
      Hope this helps,

  9. Lancellor says:

    Hi, i [posted on another tread, but I’m having a loop issue with this room as well. I follow the instructions, full wipe, wipe cache and wipe dalvik. The room flashes with no problem as well as the GAPPS, but when i reboot starts with the screen with the little triangle and fire symbol for a few seconds then goes into black screen with some sparkles falling in the middle it seems to be the beginning of the boot animation. The problem is that keeps doing that indefinitely, keeps looping . I tried different rooms and the result always end up and a loop.. What do i do, any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      are u using TWRP or CWM? I’ve heard people having problems with CWM, I strictly use TWRP for my Kindle Fire.

      • Lancellor says:

        I’m using CWM. How do I install TWRP?

        • Lancellor says:

          I used breakdroid to root my kindle and automatically installs CWM. I tried your method ,but i couldn’t get it done. I guess i just leave it as it is.. I tried different rooms with the same luck.. Cheers Max!! Keep the good work..

  10. nancy_spark says:


    Can anyone verify whether Google Play or Google market works on this? and how?

    Thanks a ton!

    • admin says:

      Make sure you’ve installed GApps also in the download links above.

      • nancy_spark says:

        Thanks for such a prompt reply! The installation was a breeze and everything works A-OK
        Great work on the ROM.

        I know it’s a distant dream but any work on wifi direct? it would be particularly beneficial since Kindle Fire doesn’t have bluetooth.

  11. Ethan Acevedo says:

    After u install aokp, then flash the google apps, make sure it’s an ics google apps

  12. nancy_sparkz says:

    I am facing a weird problem…. i can connect to wifi at ofc and the wifi icon turns blue. N everything works fine….But at home, when i connect to wifi (dsl router), the wifi icon doesnt turn blue. In setting,wifi is shown as connected and i am able to browse the net on the browser, but
    No application other than wifi can access the net…. anybody else facing this issue? N anybody got a solution

  13. gheezy says:

    installed this rom and my wifi does not work, any possible solutions?

  14. jesse says:

    i installed this rom and everything was working fine, but then i plugged it into the computer, turned usb storage on to see the files on it, then i unpluged the kindle and now it wont turn on but it charges.Also kindle fire utility cant find it. HELP!!!

  15. jesse says:

    never mind , i held the button for 30 seconds and then pushed it again and it is working now!

  16. jay says:

    works perfekt!
    have the problem, that backlight wont turn off after i fully shut down the kindle
    also i cant move some apps on the home screen when i use more then one page
    anyway this aint serious issues
    thanks for the work

  17. kevb10 says:

    Hey guys– especially MAX– I need a little opinion and advice here. Which would u prefer? The AOKP or the Energy CM9? What are the cons and prons. Anyone with an answer would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot guys!!

    • darien says:

      I prefer energy. Its much faster and everything works fine including sound wifi and even HD videos. energ is a better choice

  18. kevb10 says:

    Hey guys– especially MAX– I need a little opinion and advice here. Which would u prefer? The AOKP or the Energy CM9? What are the cons and prons. Anyone with an answer would be very appreciated.


  19. Q. Edwards says:

    Just installed AOKP 37 and everything boots up just fine, however when setting up the wifi it just says ‘Turning on Wi-Fi’ and it never finished, just sits there. I skipped the initial set up and tried turning it on again from Settings but the same thing. Reinstalled the ROM clearing the appropriate caches and wiping the ROM and it still doesn’t work. Anyone have any ideas?

  20. jay says:

    have some issue with the sound, device was working well for like 3 weeks, now since two days the sound aint working no more. just some noise sounding out of the speaker.

    • HDDCM says:

      I installed AOKP 38 two days ago and yesterday found the Kindle on mute and could not find any way to unmute it. After reading your post, (just for the heck of it) I downloaded an app called Mute by MNO and it let me unmute my Kindle.

      Still need to find out where all the knobs on this ICS are.

      Thanks for the posts.


  21. Amir najafi says:

    Thank you so much, this is the best ROM I’ve ever had on my kindle…. I have two simple questions though:

    1-What is that update that pops up everytime i turn on my kindle?!

    2- Why does Fruit Ninja get stock on feint?!

    • Javon says:

      I flashed the updated the AOKP_Otter_build-M5.1 and had nothing but issues. The google play store, gmail and a few other apps continually forced closed. The wifi signal strength went down as well. I restored to AOKP_Otter_build-M5.

  22. Kymani Whilby says:

    Why is it that calibre management wont work with this rom

  23. colin says:

    I can’t seem to install gapps or any Google play apks. The Google play apks force close every time I open them
    Any ideas?

  24. enrique says:

    My kindle was already rooted, and I already had a backup, so I saved both the aokp image and the gapps file into my kindle and rebooted on twrp after resetting to factory settings and rebooting my kindle would not boot the new ICS ROM, so I had to restore my older backup, any ideas?

  25. SooHoo says:

    Other than the backlight off issue which we were notified of from the beginning, I am having a problem with app icons showing as generic android icons on the “desktop” part of the rom. Any fixes or apps that can remedy this?
    Other than the issues listed this is by far my favorite rom for my “Droid Jr.” (Kindle Fire)!

    • SooHoo says:

      Like an idiot, it only took me quite a few days to figure out how to fix the problem about the program icons. In case anybody else is having this problem, simple hold your finger down on the icon that needs to be fixed until the option of changing the icon to stock icon appears. Select that option and walah!

  26. Colin says:

    For some reason AOKP won’t load. I have the latest version of TWRP, so i dont know if that’s a problem or not. I can load the .zip, but when i flash and reboot it doesn’t load, i just get a black

    • cole says:

      You have to wait untill the rom loads

      • Colin says:

        how long does it usually take, because I’ve been sitting here for about 45 minutes.

        • mark says:

          make sure you are you using the latest version of TWRP when installing the rom, and also make sure you wipe davlik and factory restore and wipe batt when installing the rom and gapps. then it should load. i had this problem in the beginning

  27. Bruce says:

    This ROM is awesome, so awesome in fact that I installed it on a 2nd kindle fire we have in our household. After doing this I found that the network connection had become very unstable on both fires and after further investigation, i found that both fires have the same MAC address and IP address !!

    How do I resolve this.
    As things stand now, we can only have one kindle fire connected to wifi at a time.

  28. berket says:

    Why does all my apps foreclose and the play market not work saying that there is no connection

  29. Marcus says:

    I properly rooted my device.
    Went and factory reset it in TWRP
    Have the proper download of aokp from your site here
    However, in TWRP when I try to install, I keep getting Unable to open zip file
    Error flashing zip

    Any ideas?

  30. jae says:

    thanks man, this site is great and all the information on here has really helped me to get the most out of my fire! appreciate it!

  31. LeinieDrinker says:

    Ok I stalled the AOKP ICS ROM/ plus the gapps for ics.
    Everything appeared to install well, but when I attempt to launch the Google Play store I get this error:
    Unfortunately, Goolge PlayStore Has Stopped.

    Any suggestions on how to get the app to launch?

  32. Nick says:

    Nice! Anyone else having a problem with the menu button on the navigation bar disappearing? In the rom control the navigation button quantity is set to 4 with the 4th button being the menu. I’ve set location to left, right, and both. It shows up when I’m in the rom control, but as soon as I go to the home screen, the button disappears. Anyone else have that?


    • Nick says:

      never mind. it evidently only shows up when an app is open that uses the menu. actually a nice feature.

  33. nancy_spark says:

    Any idea how to check the mac address? In settings, it shows as “unknown”

  34. DiRT says:

    Someone discovered that the Kindle Fire will record audio, as long as you plug in the cellphone style headset with mic that has 3 lines on it instead of the regular kind with 2 (see how techie I am?). Anyway, that no longer works with this ROM. Any ideas on how to restore that?

  35. Greg Lewis says:

    Overall everything worked except the back button. The back button was not available in a number of apps. The only way out was to go to recently executed apps. A global back button is required for the Kindle.

  36. wigginsecho says:

    First I want to say that this Rom is amazing best Rom I’ve used hands down. I’m having an issue tho, I rooted the kindle fire and installed twrp and used twrp to load the latest version of your rom but now I can’t boot back into twrp. What did wrong? Please help.

  37. Joshua says:

    I love how fluid and well this ROM works, only problem is that I don’t have sound. I managed to get a quick beep out of it when messing with the notification sounds, but other than that, not a peep. Any advice? Am going to try and reflash

  38. nancy_spark says:

    Small question. I always shut down my kindle fire at night by long pressing the power key. However, more than once it has happened that in the morning, i find my kindle already on. Happened to anyone else also?

  39. ryanj says:

    I put this rom on my kindle. i have no problems with it other than anything i do that requires internet (facebook, android market, email) all say “cant connect to server invalid certificates”. im connected to wifi. al my seeting seem spot on.not sure what else to do. please help me.

  40. Jman says:

    Hello, thank for the tutorual, I install ics on my fire and realize later that adb is not detecting the device only on twrp show is there but as unknown device, is there a way to fix this?

  41. Good Job, keep up the good work.

  42. Joeyboy says:

    Hi, How am i going to install android market? the google play that i installes is not working..

    please help..

  43. hyramfield says:

    Hi! Thanks for the files, the rom and the gaaps works perfect, but I realized that my Kindle shuts off by itself and it won’t turn on until I connect the charger. I installed an app called HD battery for calibrate the battery. Have you ever had this problem before? Can you help me? Thanks

  44. nsparkz says:


    The reason for this is whenever you shut down your tablet, it doesnt shut down complete. the screen remains on. you can check it in a dark room. So the battery drains throughout and you need to recharge before it would turn on.

    The workaround for this hard shut down your tablet by long pressing the power key and seeing that the tablet completely shuts down…

    Hope this answers your question…

    This build has a few more such issues like tablet restarting automatically once you shut it down, misalignment for home, back and menu keys with the dim dots displayed in video or pic mode… but apart from that its a good stable ROM.

    • Hyramfield says:

      Hi! Thanks for your answer, but my Kindle Fire shuts off by itself when I’m using it. I had to connect the charger (Like 10 seconds of charge) in order to turn it on. Now I just installed the Jelly Bean ROM that I found on your website, It works perfect, but I still have the same problem. I realized that when I turn the Kindle on, there is a Yellow triangle with Fire on the recovery screen. Is that normal? I’m using a Kindle Fire 2nd Generation. Thanks

  45. james says:

    Hello. This important ..hopefully you read this and reply I downloaded therom..followed the steps ..when the kindle turns on the boot screen passes but after that I get a black screen..I backup my saves and restore it but nothing happened. Idk what to do..I just got this as a gift and I don’t wanna disappoint my mom …if u you help thank you..PS I got no worrenty on it..

  46. Matt says:

    Can anyone show me how to install this on 6.3.2 or downgrade? I’m new and don’t want a horrible first try.
    Another question, will my kindle fire still be fast before the install? Or is there another OS I can use that will still give me the same speed as before installation?(Jellybean?)

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